For the past several minutes, I have been wrapping up my independent research paper entitled, "CP/M and OS/2 - Key trends in 8 and 16 -bit computing."

This paper evaluates the impact that the CP/M and OS/2  operating systems will have on the future of collaborative computing.

For my research, I dusted off my 20+ year old Heathkit H-8 Computer, with its over-clocked (2.0 Megahertz) Z-80 processor, 64 kilobytes of RAM, and a dual floppy sub-system with an amazing 720 kilobytes  of off-line storage. To move files to/from the Internet, I used my reliable Hayes 300 Baud external modem. (see below)

Image:I will not be publishing my latest research report
Yes, that is what personal computers used to look like.
Note the original Heath/Microsoft Manuals in 3-ring binders:
CP/M, Basic-80, COBOL, Fortran-80, WordStar, and SuperCalc,

Regretfully, I have come to the conclusion that the current climate is unfavorable to the publication of yet another independent research report. Therefore, I have decided to suspend indefinitely the publication of this report. I am concerned that this important work might not receive the consideration that it merits. Worse yet, it might show up as the subject of the next independent research rebuttal coming out of New Zealand.

I am not sure if my work could stand up to the scrutiny of Michael's objective evaluation and commentary. (Besides, my web server might not handle the traffic his rebuttal would surely generate -- at least not until I added a second 2400 baud modem connection to my ISP.)

IBM and Microsoft will now never know what I have to say, and the direction of group computing may be forever changed.


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If I pay to "sponsor" it...

... can I post it for free download on my site, thereby freeing you to post it for free on your site? I'm sure it's unbiased, and if anyone objects to the conclusions, we can just go undercover and harrass them! They'll never figure it out.


Posted at 8/10/2004 4:31:44 AM by Duffbert


LOL - That was a blast...

PS: are those 5.25" drives? No... they should be 8" drives - right?

Posted at 8/17/2004 10:15:34 PM by Rick

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