The auditorium/worship center at the Cathedral of Praise (COP), Manila, seats 8,000 people. (And I thought that my church auditorium was huge.) Here's a photo from a recent concert, showing what the venue looks like when it's full.

A recent event at the Cathedral of Praise, Manila

My hosts tell me that they expect to fill it to capacity. Wow!

I decided to check out the facility for myself. Here are some photos...

Front entrance to the Cathedral of Praise, Manila, PhilippinesCOP Main level, section 1COP Auditorium upper levelCOP Auditorium - before evening service

The best way I can describe the facility is that it's like a small Basketball stadium with seats all around the stage. the stage has no front or back and no podium. That's fine by me - this will be the first venue where I will speak and get to walk around freely for the entire presentation. I'll have to check out some of the worship services to see how the pastor moves around while speaking and yet makes eye contact with the congregation in the process.

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