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Friday, March 19th, 2004
Wow!  An interesting day for blogging.  After last night's adventures with David's site, I took some time to review some of the referrers in my weblog. My WeatherCam remains quite active as usual; thanks to referrals from David and others, including Ed Brill and John Porcaro, my site has attracted quite a bit of attention.  So much for keeping a low profile.   I had actually planned to stay under the radar  until I was ready to launch my eProductivity.NET site, where I will blog about technology to enhance the productive edge.  I guess I shouldn't turn down the free publicity.  What  do they say in Hollywood? Any publicity is good publicity?  Seems to be the true for the blogspace.

Since eProductivity.NET isn't live yet, I'll blog about another favorite site: Michael Sampson's Shared-Spaces.  Michael writes an excellent blog on cross-enterprise collaboration architecture.  It is a useful site to stay on top of the latest developments in collaboration.  I first met Michael 8 years ago, as part of our work in the Electronic Messaging Association (Now, OpenGroup).  At the time, Michael and I co-presented on the subject of Unified Messaging.  Companies are beginning to used the technology Michael and I talked about all those years ago.  Through that experience, Michael and I maintained a close friendship, despite the fact that Michael is in New Zealand and I'm in California.  Like us, Michael and his wife, Katrina, educate their large family (all boys -- I stopped counting at 5, but there have been more since, and more are on the way) at home.  Hmmm Michael, you have all the boys, and we have all the girls. Let's talk in 15 years.  

Looks like I'll be travelling to Chicago in April, to speak at a corporate conference on the subject of eProductivity with Lotus Notes.  I'm looking forward to it.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence ...

... glad you like the site Eric. Actually, we ONLY have 5 boys at the moment ... it's children number 6 that is on the way.

Posted at 3/23/2004 3:35:04 PM by Michael Sampson

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