Can you relax under a fire hose?

Monday, August 16th, 2004
I have. I even paid good money for the privilege.

Recently, Kathy and I saw the most interesting machine on display at a kiosk at the Ontario Mills Mall.  It looked like a high-tech medical device with a translucent blue cover. It was actually a computer controlled water-jet massage machine.

Image:Can you relax under a fire hose?

Kathy encouraged me to give it a try. Not sure of what I was getting myself into (literally) I took off my shoes, stepped up, and paid my $10 for 7 minutes. The attendant took my money and pushed a button. Soon, the shell of this kooky contraption began to open, revealing what basically looked like a chiropractor's massage table, complete with hole for my face. I climbed in and laid down. With another button press the clam-shell closed, exposing only the top of my head. Inside, a giant Mylar sheet protected me from what was to come next.

Next, the attendant put a pair of headphones over my ears so that I could listen to some delightfully soothing music. She also handed me a remote control so that I could control the machine or stop it quickly. Then the fun began.

Pulsating water-jets began to move from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. Then the row of jets cycled in the opposite direction from my head back down to my feet. With a click of the remote, I could pause this motion to precisely focus where the high-pressure water jets would land.

Seven minutes is about all I could take for my first water massage, although I imagine that I could work up to longer runs. When I exited the machine I felt tingly and energized.

Imagine starting and finishing each day under the fire hose. I guess it is all a matter of perspective...

All in all, a good massage without getting wet or even sweaty.

I want one.

Aqua Massage

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They are being sold on eBay

I saw these for sale on eBay. One with 70 hours of usage was only $18,500.

Posted at 8/19/2004 4:13:16 PM by Michael Sampson

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