Conference preparation going well

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
After a nice shower and breakfast, my driver picked me up to take me over to COP to meet with the staff. They are in full swing for the conference. Pastor Sumrall met with me and we visited for a while. Then, he took me to the auditorium to share some speaking tips for presenting in the round. he explained that most public speakers tends to face and speak to the people on the right. I will work on moving around, both physically, and in eye contact. I want to keep the audience engaged. Just in case I forget, we agreed to ask some of the planning committee folks to scatter around the auditorium so that when I'm looking out at an ocean of faces I'll spot a few I recognize and come back to them.

Internet at COP is much faster than the hotel:
Pastor Sumrall showed me his shiny new Fujitsu Tablet PC. He's a big JK fan. It sure sounds like he's YABHTU but he still carries his Mac, too. Apparently viruses are a big problem in Asia, which is a big reason why he switched to a Mac, when 99% of the Filipinos use PC. I'll have to introduce him to Notes, so he can use both, in whatever way serves him best.

We talked about Michael's conference planning and the challenge of managing so many sessions.
We tried something new for everyone - rather than speaking on an extended topic for most of the day, I'll be serving more as an eProductivity tour guide, introducing folks to all kinds of information and then encouraging them to come back and explore on their own. It's a lot to do. Michael's doing a terrific job pulling and keeping all of this together. Without him, I'd certainly fall flat on my face in conference prep. The folks are very excited about the conference outline.

It's weird to see your face on posters and banners in the lobby. Not sure I'll get used to that. (I told Kathy about it and she asked if it was a life-size cardboard standup poster the kids could take pictures with; I said it wasn't, that it was a more of banner than a poster. She said, "great, bring one home and we'll put it on the garage door." I don't think so.)

Back at the hotel, I met with the hotel IT and a very friendly and polite representative from the wireless hosting company. They still cannot figure out why the internet connection to my U.S. Server works on the lobby free internet  but won't work upstairs on the paid internet. Oh, well, Notes replication is working; I'll probably be more productive this way, anyway. On the positive side, SkypeOut to the US seems to work exceptionally well. I was able to make calls for $.02 per minute to the U.S. Thank you, Skype.

To my children, thank you for the cards and Thanksgiving pictures. I have them on the dresser in the hotel room. I will see you, soon. Love, Daddy.

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Conference preparation going well

Hi Eric,

I am so impressed with the kind of seminar you gave us today. Being efficient and effective both in personal life and at work enlightens and broadens my life's purpose.

God bless!


Posted at 11/24/2007 7:42:21 AM by maricel calunod

re: Conference preparation going well

Thank you, it was a fun day, wasn't it? I was delighted and inspired to see so many people learning, taking notes, and most important sharing what they were learning with others. I'm looking forward to the next sessions.


Posted at 11/24/2007 6:06:18 PM by Eric Mack

Conference preparation going well

Hi Eric,

I'm starting to apply what you've shared. Brilliant. I'm more focused and was able to accomplished a lot today.

Thanks so much and looking forward to the next session.


Posted at 11/25/2007 6:49:47 AM by Abby Lim

Conference preparation going well

Hi Sir Eric,

I've only realized that having an Inbox at home makes a difference! I'm a different person now...It's time to get things done.

See you at the conference... Rain or shine!

Enjoy your stay and thank you for allowing your expertise to be used by God to share to the people of Manila. Allow me to quote what Zig Ziglar says..."See you at the top!". God indeed have plans for his people.



Posted at 11/25/2007 5:47:09 PM by Marlo aguinaldo

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