Congratulations Shawn & Robin

Friday, July 8th, 2005
This morning, Kathy and I witnessed the marriage of Robin and Shawn Sawyer. Shawn's a colleague in my management cohort and for months we've been hearing about the preparations for this day. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and unique in may ways, from the message, to the invitation, to the horse and carriage that brought Robin to the altar and whisked Shawn and his beautiful bride away. The happy couple never stopped smiling. We wish you the best. Grace to you.


Watching the horse and carriage ride away, I was reminded of my efforts to arrange for one at our wedding in the theme of the Princess Bride. Then, I remembered my four daughters... and decided that perhaps I should encourage them to be more practical. But then...

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Congratulations Shawn & Robin

Eric, my oldest daughter got married last year and it was a simple (and economical) country wedding but you know what? It was just as beautiful and emotional a ceremony as any could be. She married a great guy and going through the "loss" emotions on top of the joy of seeing her so happy were certainly an experience I'll never forget.

Posted at 7/11/2005 7:57:13 AM by James Kendrick

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