Digital pet names

Friday, April 8th, 2005
The Sampsons have a new house guest:

Yes, it's true, there are four more little feet at our house at the moment. Welcome Nibble!

What amuses me is Michael's choice of a digital pet name name:

A Nibble = 4 bits - 1/2 a Byte. I'm not sure that's what Michael had in mind.

Growing up, I gave most of my pets digital names:
  • Cats, "Bit" and "Byte"
  • Hamster, "Nibble"
  • Sheltie, "Prefix Notation"
Prefix's name was selected by choosing a page and line number from a computer dictionary at random.

Prefix Notation - A method of forming one-dimensional expressions without the need for brackets by preceding, with a string or vector of operator, an operand string or vector that may itself contain operators upon operands.

You are probably not surprised, coming from a geek like me.

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The boys named the mouse ...

The boys named the mouse, not me. Does that mean that they are true geeks in training?

Posted at 4/8/2005 9:55:34 AM by Michael Sampson

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