eProductivity BETA2 Release Candidate 1

Friday, October 5th, 2007
I just spoke with my development team and we are now ready for the next round of beta testing of eProductivity. This will be for a select group of 25 testers - people with 3 years of experience with Notes, 2 years with GTD, and six months with the Notes Task form. I need to keep this group small so that my staff and I can personally coach people.

I'm really excited about this release, it's working very well and we are receiving terrific feedback. I'm blessed to have a top-notch development team. They have done some amazing work implementing this version of eProductivity. (My lead developer was hoping I would mention that "it's quite possible that this is the best Notes development I have ever seen." I will. He earned it.)

This week, I plan to send emails to those of you who have corresponded with me last month in response to my email invitation.

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eProductivity BETA2 Release Candidate 1

Hi Eric,

Last Friday I attended the Roadmap seminar in London and had during the break a chat with David on the use of tools. He seems clearly a supporter of using plain vanilla tools, in our case Lotus Notes, and not too much of tailored applications.

I moved myself back this weekend to plain Lotus Notes todo and email as I see his point here. Given this in mind I was triggered by your post on the Beta and therefor challenging you with a question: what would your eProductivity tools add to GTD?

Of course happy to help testing your eProductivity tools, I fit the profile easily :-)



Posted at 10/8/2007 1:43:01 AM by Peter Simoons

eProductivity BETA2 Release Candidate 1

Hi Eric,

Hoping that I will included in the list of people to be provided with the beta. Hope to see you in the Manila seminars.



Posted at 10/8/2007 5:03:02 PM by Marlo Aguinaldo

Peter, David Allen likes SIMPLICITY and SPEED

Peter, what David likes is simplicity and speed. Simplicity in that the apps he uses should allow him to get things done with minimal data entry. Speed in that he wants to be able to accomplish an action quickly, and usually with a speed key.

As far as your question "what would your eProductivity tools add to GTD?" Lots! I'll give you a few items here; you'll have to wait for the next beta (or our next SameTime meeting) to see the rest:

Views by context

* One button to send/reply and create an action, project, or action linked to a project and file - all in one step.

* Quick capture of an action using GyroQ Capture for eProductivity - even when Notes isn't running!

* Link actions to projects and see them in context

* Link emails to actions or projects so that you can read and reply to them at any time in context (one button to link and file)

* And about 75 other key features that have been developed and tested over the past several years.

Posted at 10/9/2007 12:51:10 PM by Eric Mack

eProductivity BETA2 Release Candidate 1

Hi, Eric.

Any chance you can include me in the beta?


David Smith

Posted at 10/10/2007 2:33:11 PM by David Smith

re: eProductivity BETA2 Release Candidate 1

Hi Marlo, find me at the eProductivity conference and I'll give you a personal tour of the template.

Posted at 10/12/2007 3:32:51 AM by Eric Mack

re: eProductivity BETA2 Release Candidate 1

Hi David, right now, I need to limit the beta to those with extensive GTD and Lotus Notes experience - I want to focus my attention on the group that can best validate if we've made the best solution for implementing GTD in Lotus Notes. By keeping this round of beta small, I can personally spend time with my core testers. Soon, we'll open up the beta to a broader audience. (I see you are on the list) While I want to get to market soon, I'm not in a huge rush. I want to get it right. We are getting great feedback so far.

Posted at 10/12/2007 3:36:14 AM by Eric Mack

eProductivity for Notes - will it run on Mac or Windows only?


After two weeks heavily working according to GTD I definitely see what you mean; I do two many mouse clicks or keyboard actions for what I feel should be able to be done in less. You've got me curious by the elements you mentioned, but also one question: will it work on any Notes platform or will it be tight to Windows? I myself would love to work in a Mac only environment, however at work the laptop is Windows and at Home the computers are Mac. No problem with Notes, it replicates, but it might be a challenge with GyroQ or other elements tight to your productivity tools.

Anyway, for a look into it I'll try to master myself more in vanilla Notes to be able to see all soft spots there and be ready for a look at the next beta of your productivity tools!



Posted at 10/21/2007 3:57:53 PM by Peter Simoons

re: will eProductivity for Notes run on Mac? YES!

Peter, eProductivity for Lotus Notes runs on both Mac and Windows (and it should work fine in Linux, for that matter, although I have not tested it).

eProductivity Capture for Notes is optional; uses GyroQ, which runs only on Windows at this time. If you choose to run eProductivity on your Mac, then you will have all of the eProductivity functions except for GyroQ.

If, once we go to market, there are a sufficient number of Mac users and IF we can find a program for the Mac that does what GyroQ does so well for Windows (and if Michael Sampson convinces me to switch) then we might be able to give you not only eProductivity for Notes but also the quick capture ability that GyroQ offers as well.

If you have a Mac quick capture tool to recommend, I would like to hear about it.

Peter, I'm going to post your comment and my response on the blog in case others care to add additional information.


Posted at 10/21/2007 4:08:56 PM by Eric Mack

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