Fit and Effective: visualizing fitness

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
This afternoon, one of my mentors, Jason Womack, began a our group conference call by asking each participant how they were doing and where they were calling from. I responded:
I'm sitting in my living room, at the coffee table, calling via Skype, looking out the window.
Oops. Given that Jason's coaching series is called Working Out, While You’re Out Working, let me see if I can do better:
Hi Jason, this is Eric Mack, I'm calling from Pine Mountain Club, California; I'm in my home gym right now and I'm on the treadmill, running at 3.5 MPH at a medium incline. My ThinkPad is on the shelf beside me and I'm calling you via Skype.
How's that?

OK, maybe that's not the present reality.

Let's just say that I'm using that to visualize a desired future reality.

Thanks, Jason.

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Visualization - a master key

Occassionally, I'm "accused" of being a positive thinker.

Wrong answer. I mean, I can go negative pretty quickly. One cut-off in traffic, one delayed flight at the airport, one missed workout, and my mind starts to go to "the dark side of the force."

In actuality, I consider myself a "MoPF":

Master or Positive Focus

Although I might start on a negative thinking track, I can use the tricks I've learned to pull myself out of it quickly.

Visualization is a master key, for me. I start to image-in what I want, and that clears a path, and paves a way, to get closer.

Thanks, Eric, for playing. I know you'll get closer to your goals if you just "stick with it."

Posted at 6/23/2006 10:01:21 AM by Jason

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