I’m disgusted

Monday, April 11th, 2005
I'm sick of a certain high-profile case that has been all over the media. I'm not going to name the parties involved - I won't even link to today's article in the news - because, in my book, they don't deserve any more recognition.

Until now, I've refrained from joining this discussion, largely because I did not want to add to the circus. Plenty of people are commenting on the lewd details of this trial. I won't go there.

The jury will decide the innocence or guilt of the individual on trial.

But, what about the parents of the children involved? Should they be on trial, too?

When I read that several parents allowed their children to spend time, unchaperoned, alone, overnight, with someone, just because he's famous and he begged them to, I cannot help but wonder who might have committed the more serious crime.

Parents need to be more responsible; they must protect their children.

I believe that children are a gift from the Lord. They are entrusted to us, as parents, to train, nurture, and protect. What a tragedy when the trust of a child is betrayed by their parent.

Parenting is a great  responsibility. It is also an opportunity for great blessing.

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