At the close church service this evening, Pastor Sumrall spoke about the eProductivity conference and his vision; he then introduced me and invited me up to the platform to greet the congregation. This was my first time up on the platform with an audience and it takes some getting use to. The auditorium is huge! The people were very kind with their applause and quickly made me feel welcome there. It was a great feeling to be among brothers and sisters in Christ and to feel just as welcome as I would in my own church. God is good.

That's one big auditorium

I extended greetings to the congregation from myself and my family and I spoke briefly about the conference to invite people to sign up. Speaking on an open platform took some getting used to -- especially the acoustics and the fact that the screens are high overhead where I cannot see them. I'll be sure to ask for a head microphone and a floor monitor when I return. I think I will also schedule some practice time in the auditorium a day or two before the event.

A brief introduction at the Saturday evening service

As soon as the worship service ended, I headed to the pastor's office for a quick meal and rest before my next round of meetings. I also tried on my new Barong Tagalog - a gift from the people of COP. (Thank you!)

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