Perhaps this post should have been called, "Microsoft may force me to switch to a Mac" (If you want to help and are short on time, follow the link at the end of this post.)

I have been running Windows XP for many years. Other than my unfortunate experience with Toshiba and the Tecra M4 Tablet, my experience with XP has been excellent. Since moving to my Lenovo T60p I have had the most reliable and productive work system in my experience. As many of you may know, Microsoft has announced the end of XP, however, their replacement, Vista, has not been well received by the IT community. (I do run Vista on my wonderful Lenovo X61 Tablet PC and as a Tablet OS it's the best, but I do feel like my productivity has taken a huge hit compared to XP.)

If I were forced to choose between Vista and a Mac OS on my primary machine, I might switch. My past concerns that key programs that I needed were not available for the Mac are gradually going away; some of my favorite productivity tools: Lotus Notes, eProductivity, Personal Brain, and MindManager all run on the Mac.

I would prefer to remain on my present laptop with XP; it is my most productive tool. Windows XP works great and I love the variety of Windows programs available to increate my productivity (e.g. GyroQ and Activewords, to name a few.) However, when I need to purchase my next computer, if Microsoft will not let my purchase XP and if they have not fixed all that is broken in Vista, I'll explore other options.

If you would like to see XP stick around, there is something you can do. InfoWorld is trying to get 300,000 signatures. From InfoWorld:
Microsoft plans to end most sales of Windows XP on June 30, despite a deep reluctance by many business and individuals about moving to Vista. InfoWorld believes such an expensive, time-consuming shift with problematic benefits should not be forced on Windows users, so we have decided to rally XP users to demand that XP be kept available.
You can do your part to save Windows XP, here

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Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

Down with XP! Down with XP! Down with XP!

Make the Mack a Mac man! Make the Mack a Mac man! Make the Mack a Mac man!

Posted at 5/9/2008 4:48:55 PM by Michael Sampson

Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

I have to mention that OS X emphasizes simple over feature-laden. It certainly makes GTD easier for me.

Posted at 5/9/2008 6:58:07 PM by mummey

Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

so you are not happy that Microsoft are controlling what you do in a new way. You want either what they used to do, or to submit to Apple to control you. Perhaps there is another way . . . where you are in control. Give Ubuntu a try. It is really nice and gets stuff done.

Posted at 5/10/2008 2:38:43 PM by Alan Bell

re: Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

Actually, Alan, as the linux derivatives mature and business software becomes more platform agnostic, that may be a possibility. After I wrote the post I made a list of the software I use on a daily basis as part of my productivity toolkit. Many tools are unique to Windows, so I'll have to do some searching to find equivalents. Truthfully, it's not an investigation I'm up to at this time. As I said, my XP T60p works great and my Vista Tablet serves me well.

Posted at 5/10/2008 9:32:10 PM by Eric Mack

Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

As you know I recently switched from XP to Mac (Michael was a strong proponent of this - I see he hasn't changed :-) Main reasons: Vista (XP going away as you point out) plus BSOD on new Lenovos - out of the box laptops that break in 5 minutes. Plus, overall stability problems with XP pushed me over the edge.

The Mac is much better in this regard, and I've been able to find equivalent productivity tools to ones I used in Windows. It has definitely taken a lot of time/effort to switch. Also, the Mac OS isn't perfect - it's not impossible to introduce stability problems. But overall the reliability and usability are much higher than XP. Well worth the switch (and this from a power user).

Thanks for the post.

More here, FYI: { Link }

Posted at 5/13/2008 7:27:35 PM by Matthew Cornell

re: Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

Thanks, Matt, As you point out, it's a steep learning curve. In my case, the decision is not as simple as what do I want to use but what will allow me to serve my clients best. Since, at this time, all of my coporate clients are on PC, the Mac, while an interesting idea, is simply not strategic at this time. That said, I do try to see what's new in this space.

Posted at 5/13/2008 10:25:21 PM by Eric Mack

Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

Understood, Eric. I'm sure you've considered Parallels for virtual machines. I know Jason Womack uses this to cover both worlds (esp. Outlook).

Posted at 5/14/2008 5:42:49 AM by Matthew Cornell

Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)


Linux is the way to go. I have nothing against Apple, but Linux sure gives you freedom.

There are so many flavors of Linux, you can find a flavor for just about anyone.

I have been using Linux for 9 years now and I am very happy with it. I slowly started converting to Linux fully about 4 years ago. This included getting my family converted to. I started by ditching Microsoft Office and going to OpenOffice. My kids didn't seem to mind, but my wife did. But now, they all like OpenOffice. That was my plan, to get them to use applications that run on either Linux and Windows, then eventually leaving Microsofts OS and replacing it with Linux.

Today I have tried about 15 to 20 different flavors. Ubuntu, SuSE, Fedora and PCLinux are pretty user friendly for new Linux users. But my favorite is TinyME, DSL (Damn Small Linux) and GoblinX. I have a lot of older machines (PII's and PIII's). TinyME, DSL, GoblinX runs great on older hardware.

Let's not forget Solaris Express. Sun Microsystems has a version of Solaris that runs great on PC's. They will even send you a free copy. You don't pay at all, not even for shipping. It is totally free. Solaris is not Linux, it is Unix. Very nice and runs great.

Posted at 5/19/2008 12:07:16 PM by Daniel Strong

re: Microsoft: Save Windows XP! (or I’ll switch to a Mac?)

Thanks for the info, Daniel. Much appreciated.

Posted at 5/25/2008 5:22:33 PM by Eric Mack

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