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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
I've been working with Steve Castledine over at ProjectDX to add full podcast support to DominoBlog, my web content and blogging tool of choice. Soon, I will have the ability to quickly add a podcast to any blog entry and have the proper enclosures automatically appear in my RSS feed.

My objective is to streamline my podcast encoding and content delivery process so that I can audiocast and videocast on a regular basis about various topics of interest.

This 28 second podcast test is the first part of that development process.

Eric Mack On-line Podcast test #1

Introduction and podcast test of podcast enclosure tags in RSS.
Format: MP3 Size: 356KB  Duration: 0 minutes, 28 seconds

For those of you, who maybe inclined to help me with the test today, please add my RSS feed to your podcatcher software.

Did your podcatcher software automatically download my podcast for you?
 (i.e. iPodder, Doppler, or others)

The podcast enclosure support is still in development, but I am hopeful that Steve will have it fully operational by tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience as we iron out the wrinkles in this process.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Discussion/Comments (8):

File size missing

I see that the file size, in bytes, is missing from the podcast enclosure tags. We'll get that fixed.

Update 1: Meanwhile, I did a test with my iPodder client, and it downloaded the mp3 file anyway.

Update 2: I just did a test with the Doppler client, and it also downloaded the mp3 file, even though the file size was missing from the RSS feed.

Waiting on feedback from others.

Posted at 3/9/2005 10:21:55 AM by Eric Mack

Podcast test

Hi Eric

Looking forward to "exciting discussions about topics you care about"

The enclosure worked well using Doppler into iTunes



Posted at 3/9/2005 2:18:10 PM by Des Paroz

Doppler worked for me

Another confirmation that Doppler could receive your podcast properly.

Posted at 3/9/2005 2:31:01 PM by David



I didn't have any trouble listening when I clicked directly on the link from your website. It came through loud and clear.


Posted at 3/9/2005 4:11:49 PM by Chris Harper

Nice work, more validation for my plans with SBR

Just today I was thinking that we needed to add podcast support into Studio Blog Reader (see OpenNTF for download). Now you've convinced me. I haven't looked into the iTunes integration yet, but will start now. Thx!

Posted at 3/9/2005 10:15:40 PM by Lance Spellman

Everything but the beep

Everything worked well, even the very loud beep at the beginning. I nearly blew my brains out having my volume too high. :)

Posted at 3/10/2005 7:02:53 AM by Scott Palmer



but i will unsubscribe if you continue to have such ugly sounds at the beginning - my ear is still ringing *grrr* :)

Posted at 3/10/2005 7:24:56 AM by Nicole Simon

I used FeedDemon and it worked fine on the enclosure and import into iTunes

Posted at 3/10/2005 12:41:02 PM by Richard van Geilswyk

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