Quick update from Ojai

Sunday, August 15th, 2004
I've just wrapped up a busy but productive week, working with the fine folks at The David Allen Company. The team has concluded a week of staff development, training, and relaxation. I did a lot of work behind the scenes, deploying new technology and planning the systems that will help the team move the company forward. As a virtual organization, with staff constantly on the move around the world, there are many opportunities for me to show them how to use technology to better support the work that they do.

While I serve many of these folks on a regular basis, most of our interaction is virtual so it's always nice when we have the opportunity to connect in person. I enjoy what I do, and whenever I get to work with nice people doing life-changing work, it makes my efforts all the more rewarding.

Ojai is wonderful place for fine dining, and David is a delightful host, treating us to some truly outstanding meals. Thanks, David!

David, Jason, and I also talked about our blogs, the feedback that we have received, and some of the things that we each plan to write about in the future.

More to come.

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