Thank you Apple iLife

Monday, November 19th, 2007
Today, as I was departing for Los Angeles International Airport, Michael called me to share that he needed to put together the CD for the conference materials. He knew that there would be little that I could contribute as I would be travelling for 24 hours. He told me not to worry and that he and his trusty sidekick, the Apple Mac would take care of everything.

By the time I arrived at LAX, Michael Skyped me to have me look at his first cut of the CD. It looked great, thanks to some clever work in iLife.

Michael and I worked together while I waited for my flight and I was pleased to see how easy it was for him to quickly make changes to the site. By the time I shutdown my laptop to board the 747 to Manila, we were almost done. As Michael put it, a Mac was about to save my bacon.

Foiled again!
I told Michael I has to shutdown my laptop quickly as they had just announced that my flight was boarding. Michael told me to refresh my browser, that he would take care of everything...

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