Tom Hagan, President & CEO of Actioneer, recommended that I read Bo Peabody's book, Lucky or Smart. as part of my preparation to launch a new software start-up. I've just finished reading it - it's a quick read - and I found the book informative and challenging. Like Tom, I recommend the book for anyone thinking about entrepreneurial life.

In the conclusion of his book, Bo shares a brief story to highlight the importance understanding and noticing different perspectives. As an entrepreneur, Bo states, must be vigilant to consider alternative perspectives:
   A good friend of mine once ran the Seattle Marathon in a very respectable three hours and twenty minutes. While standing in the finish area, he found himself chatting with the winner, who had run the race in two hours and fifty minutes.
    A woman approached the two of them. "I want to congratulate you," she said to the winner. "And tell you how much I admire you. I just finished in my best time of five hours and ten minutes, and here you are running the race in under three hours. You are amazing."
   The winner paused and thought for a moment about what the nice woman had told him. "Actually, ma'am," he replied, "you are the amazing one. I can't imagine running for five hours."
It's all about perspective. A good tip for anyone. I recommend the book.

Thanks, Tom!

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The importance of understanding perspectives

A bit off point, but it's interesting that Actioneer is still around. I used to use that app on my Palm IIIxe. Unfortunately, it seems like it was abandoned long ago. That's a shame because it's "auto-categorization" feature was a real winner (about the closest thing on the Palm to that great Lotus app, Agenda). I ended up having to buy Slap when I got my new Palm TX. Slap doesn't do half of what Actioneer did, but at least it works properly on newer, color models.

Posted at 6/13/2006 2:18:20 AM by Scott

broken link

I found it here:

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