The long flight home...

Monday, October 8th, 2007
Philippine Airlines to Los Angeles from ManilaIt's been a busy few days in Manila and it's time to return. My flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport departs at 10:00 PM. I expect to walk out of the LAX International terminal at about the same time on the same day in Los Angeles. This 15 time-zone stuff takes some getting used to.

It's been a good, but emotional trip. I'm humbled by the need, by the opportunity to serve, and by the realization that I actually have the experience to do so. May the Lord receive the glory! I look forward to returning... After I get some sleep!
Update:  When I got off the plan in Manila a few days ago, I was met by a government escort, who whisked me past lines, picked up my luggage, escorted me through immigration and customs, and to my driver. I think the process took 10 minutes in total. Arriving at Los Angeles International AirportIn the United States, I was not so fortunate. I emerged from the terminal almost two hours after landing. I appreciate the efforts that Homeland security is doing to keep us safe and secure, so I really do not mind the lines or the delay.

As I stood in line at customs, it was delightful and welcoming to see our colors proudly on display.

As I ride the airport shuttle to my car, an hour away, I think about what I've learned and how good it is to be home, knowing that I will soon see my family.

Now, I just have to stay awake long enough to make the two hour drive up the mountain to my house.

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