Uh Oh. Broken Internet. This is not good.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
I've just checked into my hotel and purchased a 7-day internet access card. Unfortunately, the speeds are very slow to the U.S. ~70Kbps download. (Reminds me of life in the early 1990s with a leased 64Kb frame relay circuit.)  
I can live with that - Lotus Notes does a good job of shielding me from the slow network by allowing me to work local and replicate in the background. The real problem I'm having is that I cannot reach my corporate Domino or Web servers from the in-room wireless, however I can reach them just fine from the hotel lobby.

I've been trying to work with the IT people here with little success. I told them I refuse to reboot my computer, clear my cookies, or reload Windows, when I can walk downstairs with my laptop and everything works fine. I've now spoken to several people and several tell me they are working on it.

I'm sure glad I'm not sold on the concept of Office 2.0 and ubiquitous web access. At least not here, yet. Well, I can be thankful for this, as it gives me a taste of internet service here - something I need to know in order to serve effectively at the conference.

I'll just work off-line in Notes and sip high-speed internet when and where I can find it. What a disappointment.

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Uh Oh. Broken Internet. This is not good.

Can't imagine that hotel has no dsl or wireless lan for their guest...maybe they have specific rooms that has dsl access...have you checked that?


Posted at 11/22/2007 9:55:42 PM by lyndon

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