In the United States, we take our communications infrastructure for granted. Telephone Infrastructure in Manila, Philippines In Manila, where you can observe poverty on one corner and a multi-million dollar building across the street, everyone shares the same communications infrastructure. This photo, snapped on my way to the airport, shows what many of the phone poles looked like. It appears that as each customer gets connected, new wires are home-run from point to point, leading to the following situation...

Telephone Infrastructure in Manila, PhilippinesI actually drove down streets under a canopy of wires that blocked out the sunlight!  the flip side is that the Philippines boast that they are the SMS capital of the world - in Manila, a large percentage of the population has a mobile phone with broadband and SMS. From what I observed, they use SMS even more that voice, in cars, while driving, on motorcycles - anywhere.

Perhaps we should send help with the wiring plans and they can come teach us a few things in the U.S. about what it really means to be connected wirelessly with 3G and broadband.

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Would you like DSL or cable internet with that?

Yes eric,

there's really a need for much planning here with regards to that. Cables are everywhere!



Posted at 10/14/2007 6:59:36 PM by Marlo Aguinaldo

Would you like DSL or cable internet with that?

3G, Broadband, Wireless connections are thriving in the Philippines. A bit expensive though.

Posted at 10/14/2007 7:41:43 PM by Sonnie

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