COP Young Professionals GroupThis evening, was invited to address the young professionals group. Unnoticed, I quietly walked into the back of a small auditorium and took a seat. There, I watched two young men present my biography, lifted entirely from my blog (careful what you blog!). it was surreal, like sitting at my own funeral.

They shared some of my successes and most embarrassing moments. Eric addresses the COP Young Professionals GroupThey also mentioned that I always remember to cook chicken before I deliver my finished work to a client.  Finally, the audience was told that I would be addressing them briefly. I thought about borrowing someone's brown shoe for my brief time on stage, but decided against it at the last moment.

Eric speaks to the COP Young Professionals GroupAs the audience applauded, I walked up onto the platform and greeted these young professionals who were so very eager to greet me. I decided to share the story of my experience cooking chicken. link. I hope it was an inspiration to the people who heard it. the two young men who did the technology presentation and presented my bio did a very nice job. (Thank you!) After a brief visit with the audience, I was whisked away to yet another meeting.

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Young professionals, brown shoes, & cooked chicken

Hi Eric, Thanks for spending some time to talk to us at the Professionals' Fellowship. We really look forward to having you back and do the conference. I could say there are two things COP people like very much: having fun and doing things excellently. That's why we are very excited for November. See ya!

Posted at 10/16/2007 1:59:08 AM by Diana

re: Young professionals, brown shoes, & cooked chicken

I enjoyed my time with your group and I look forward to returning.

Posted at 10/17/2007 10:33:22 PM by Eric Mack

Young professionals, brown shoes, & cooked chicken

Nice surprise! As I learn more about the importance of networking (the good "palm up" type), I am surprised by the power of good due diligence. With Google, LinkedIn, and the person's blog, there's no excuse! Though I have found some people (not many) are a bit weirded out by it...

Networking Tips from the White House

{ Link }

Posted at 10/21/2007 7:56:12 AM by Matthew Cornell

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