Testing new DominoBlog features

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
Unless you are interested in web content management in Lotus Notes, you'll probably want to skip this test blog entry.

Steve Castledine, creator of DominoBlog, a very capable content management system for Lotus Notes, has just implemented a variety of new features.

Among the new features, is a one that Steve added for me which will allow me to display summaries of posts on the home page followed by a "Continue Reading" link that will take you to the permanent link for the blog entry.

This blog entry is a test of that feature. I will edit the previous five posts to insert the new $DXContinueReading marker to see how it works.

Thanks, Steve!

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Testing new DominoBlog features

So far, so good. Thanks for your patience with this test.

Posted at 09/07/2005 17:03:14 by Eric Mack

Testing new DominoBlog features

It looks good on the blog, but it doesn't parse in your RSS feed. The marker itself shows up in the feed reader.

Posted at 09/07/2005 19:08:50 by Ian McKenzie

Testing new DominoBlog features

Thanks for the feedback, Ian. I just noted that and sent feedback to Steve. I'm sure he will have a fix in a day. Meanwhile, if you note anything else unusual, please do not hestinate to post/e-mail. Eric

Posted at 09/07/2005 19:54:32 by Eric Mack

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