A Buzz in the Sky(pe)

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
This afternoon, while in a meeting with Andrea, at David Allen's office, my Skype alert goes off. It's Buzz Bruggeman, asking if "I'm there;" he wants to test Skype. I respond "No, I'm not here - in a mtg." Of course, then Buzz drops the teaser line - I'm in a Boeing Jet at 30,000 feet over Eastern Washington. He's testing the new Connexion in-cabin internet service. (See what I miss for not checking my RSS feed today?)

We tested Skype. I heard him  just fine, though he could not hear me. I cannot tell how much of an issue latency will be. So, I guess it won't be long before the skies are no longer a place of isolation.

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A Buzz in the Sky(pe)

What you're really saying is that soon you'll no longer to be able to escape this constant need to be connected even in an airplane.

I suppose it depends on perspective. I realize that you don't always have to answer the phone/computer, but I can see co-dependency becoming an epidemic in the not too distant future!

Posted at 07/20/2005 5:46:17 by Jon Johnston

A Buzz in the Sky(pe)

I am not sure that it is about needing to be as to wanting to be. The service isn't cheap, i.e. $29.95 is the number for overseas flights.

But if the choices are to use the service, and land know that I don't have to worry about things as compared to watching a bad movie, having a lame conversation, or sleeping, I think I pick the Boeing option.

Lots of parts of technology are about choice. You make choices, the technology doesn't make them for you.

Posted at 07/20/2005 14:41:40 by Buzz Bruggeman

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