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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

What can I say?

It's hard to tell where the comedy ends and reality begins. It's like something straight from the Sampsons. (No, that's not a typo.)
Created by comedian (and homeschool dad) Tim Hawkins.

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A Homeschool Family

Hits close to home--LOL!!

Clips like these get me thinking about ways to use stereotypes by leveraging their assumptions... marketers do this all the time by saying "buy this-->you'll be part of this group."

I will always cherish my heritage of being homeschooled--the ways it has shaped (read warped) my approach to life.

Posted at 04/23/2008 23:01:32 by Jeff Widman

re: A Homeschool Family

Indeed, home education is full of surprises. Just this afternoon Wendy completed the next step towards her State Bar Exam, and Amy took out the cat's appendix accompanied by Emily on the Cello while Kelly chronicled the events in her journal. Never a dull day around here.

Posted at 04/23/2008 23:12:28 by Eric Mack

A Homeschool Family

Yup, that's us alright! Even the "drive a white conversion". M.

Posted at 04/24/2008 1:30:07 by Michael Sampson

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