Web 1.0 - Publish and everyone could view. Put up information anywhere and access it.
Web 2.0 - See a web page and comment on it.

Web 2.0 Goes to work

- New business designs that address the "long tail"
- Lighter weight infrastructure & simpler programming models
- Tapping the collective knowledge

Not just for consumers. Bring Web 2.0 concepts into the organization. Internal blogs, Wikis, (Lotus Notes discussions) etc..

Discussion on bringing Web 2.0 Rich Interactive Applications into eCommerce.

Video did not work.  [It's time for video presentation technology to catch up to the rest of technlogy. Why is it so hard to show a video clip at a conference?]

According to Gartner, by YE 2009, more than 75% of knowledge workers will access enterprise content management by at least two trypes of clients - AJAX based being the most popular.

Key point:
Enterprise 2.0 enables markets of dozens of people, but millions of these markets.

Mashups are big and vendors are responding with tools to facilitate creating dynamic sites by mashing up content from multiple sourses.

What's key is that the mashups are created by the users.  Look at QEDWiki on IBM Alphaworks site. Neat! IBM tools make it easy to include widgets in mashups. (PHP-based, Robert)

IBM Lotus Connections - Need to look into this further to take advantage of web 2.0 capabilities.

Many Eyes - Social Data Visualization and Analysis

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Ambuj Goyal on innovation and growth in E 2.0

Hi Eric,

Nice to follow the conference through your blog like this, seems like an interesting one that should be on my schedule next time.

On the topic above, I do know Ambuj but many of your readers may not be familiar with Ambuj. He has been in IBM's software group already for many years, being the software group CTO, leading the software strategy and subsequently being the general manager for Lotus. Now Ambuj Goyal is general manager for IBM's Information Management.

Knowing Ambuj as a knowledgeable and very nice person with a clear vision I trust this was a great presentation!


Posted at 06/19/2007 8:26:42 by Peter

re: Ambuj Goyal on innovation and growth in E 2.0

Hi Peter, it was a very good presentation.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:14:57 by Eric Mack

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