Derek Burney, GM of SharePoint tools at Microsoft, spoke on how to amplify the impact of your people with Enterprise 2.0 Technologies.
People, not the technology, drive business outcomes and innovation.
- Develop customer relationships
- Drive innovation
- Improve operations
- Build partner connections

[Action item: find a way to do real-time, high quality capture of pre-sized 320x240 images into my PC for my blog]

Lots of discussion on KM, and business intelligence

Business productivity infrastructure
Core capabilities:
- Unified Communications
- Business Intelligence
- Enterprise Content Management
- Collaboration
- Enterprise search

Microsoft calls these Office Business Applications Services [IBM would probably call it Notes.]

Wikis and blogs
Expertise Search
missed rest of slide... Good desk, worth finding.

Amplify the impact of your people
- Employees
- Community (non-affiliated)
- Customers
- Partners/Suppliers, Contractors, Joint Ventures

How can we do this?
- Promoting expertise and build communities in your organization
The right people, in the right place, at the right time. The problem is expertise needed is not always available in the organization.

Wikis as a KM tool to enhance productivity
(Self: next action: revisit Ben's DomWiki)

Idea: what you know about others: create a Wiki to capture info about a contact. Almost a CRM,  but more and with little structure. (NA: Talk to RP/David)

Quiet voice in my head: search is the new UI. Thanks, Marc.

- Strengthen customer relationships
Build community; turn a cost center into profit center.

- Build next generation applications
Integrate rich information sources so that you can work in-context and see what you need without switching apps.
Mashups  (e.g.

- Unify communications modalities
Time management: effective time management included all branches of our integrated workplace

- Accelerate product development and innovation
make it easy for others to build communities outside of normal life cycle of product with template. (hmmm. good idea - just like Lotus Notes id... 20 years ago. I know, I know. This is new... for Microsoft)

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