Shared sessions allow two (or more) people to share a screen and collaborate on a document in real time. The latest version of Microsoft OneNote provides this capability from a simple menu option.

I recently asked my two resident junior technologists - Amy and Wendy Mack- to explore the shared session capability of Microsoft OneNote so that they might show their robotics team how to use OneNote to work together, apart. Amy and Wendy did this - they used OneNote and Skype to collaborate on a document from different rooms of the house,


I have invited Michael Sampson, of Shared Spaces Research and Consulting, to join me as Amy and Wendy teach us about how they use OneNoteShared Sessions. During this unedited podcast, Amy and Wendy even walk us through a live 4-way shared session. (It works!)


Brief overview of OneNote features
How to launch a shared session (A live 4-way session)
OneNote in School
Audio recording and playback (You can record video, too)
Amy's tour of OneNote as a clipboard for research
Wendy describes OneNote templates and planners
OneNote in School as a tool for note taking (Amy)
Note Flags in OneNote (Wendy)
Wendy hints that she really needs a Tablet PC
OneNote for Mind Mapping - Wendy says MindManager is better suited
Amy & Wendy share about their experience the FIRST Robotics Competition
Using OneNote and MindManager as collaborative tools for a robotics team


In this, their first podcast, Amy and Wendy, eProductivity specialists in their own right, teach us about their experience using OneNote Shared Sessions.

Amy & Wendy on OneNote Shared Sessions

Eric Mack On-line - June 16, (20 min 30 sec) MP3 9.3 MB

Amy & Wendy asked me to clarify that they did not actually get in trouble for using OneNote shared sessions during school. I promised them I would.

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Amy and Wendy on OneNote Shared Sessions

This is amazing. My highest praise to your daughters (and you of course) for their excellence in doing this. Pure gold.

Posted at 07/11/2005 19:17:35 by Warner Crocker

Amy and Wendy on OneNote Shared Sessions

brilliant job by Amy and Wendy...bravo...thanks for sharing.

Posted at 07/12/2005 17:28:08 by Michael Parekh

Amy and Wendy on OneNote Shared Sessions

Hi Amy and Wendy. I listened to your podcast and am astounded. You really examined OneNote thoroughly and I agree with your conclusions. I sent your comments on to our team here so they could hear you too.

Would you like to come and intern at Microsoft some day? You two sound like you're very interested in technology and how to use it to make people more effective. I'd love to see your presentation someday (maybe you could email it to me - take out the "online" in my email address). Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what you think of our next release!


Posted at 07/19/2005 23:28:58 by Chris Pratley

Great job on the analysis

Hey Eric,

Great job on the analysis - your girls are really smart! Kudos to Michael as well!



Posted at 07/21/2005 16:15:53 by Dylan Dias (from CTC 2005)

Amy and Wendy on OneNote Shared Sessions

Great article!

Just wanted to share a new OneNote tool that allows Skype conference calls to be recorded directly to OneNote.

I find it great that I can talk to my family and save the conversations as I would a picture and all within OneNote.

Here's the link:

{ Link }

Thanks Paul

Posted at 02/01/2010 21:45:58 by Paul Sethian

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