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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
What happens when two guys, who are passionate about technology - and who aren't afraid to challenge popular thinking - blog about the same topic at the same time?

Sometimes, humor.

Michael Hyatt and I have been blogging about the benefits and drawbacks of the Tablet PC technology. The discussion has been fun and has provoked many comments and cross-posts on other blogs and forums.

Apparently, yesterday, we were both busily typing about Tablet PCs around the same time. You can imagine my amusement when I logged in and saw this on my favorite productivity aggregator site:

Image:Back page stuff?

I quickly snapped a screen shot and sent it over to Michael. Michael wrote in reply:
This looks like one of those shots that should go in the back of PC Magazine. Very funny!
I've appreciated Michael's posts and candor in discussions and on the web. Like me, Michael's an explorer. For us, technology is just a tool. We have no problem trying new technologies in order to find out what does and what does not work for us. Who knows, perhaps next year, I'll be blogging about my PowerBook.


Michael: Why I Ditched My Tablet PC
Short version: The Tablet PC is an attention getter.  At least that's been Michael's experience. *  

Eric: Why by a Tablet PC?

In addition to our contasting experience/expectations with the Tablet PC, be sure to check out Michael's latest post on the value of taking notes vs the value of retrieving.  

One more thing - check out my RSS comment feed. Kim Snider's just posted a comment about how, as a result of my blog and post about the Fujitsu Tablet, she's YABHTU.  (I've sent Kim an email to find out what model, etc..) Congratulations, Kim. I hope you will post an update on your blog.

* I'm sure that this will change over time. I remember bringing my Radio Shack Model 100 to work. That was distracting. (A bit of trivia: Apparently, the the Model 100 was the last computer that had code in it handp-written by Bill.) All that power in an 8 line by 40 chr display. Wow!

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Fujitsu delivers...

Hi Eric- To answer your question, I went with the T4010D. I opted for the indoor/outdoor screen. I have computers everywhere. The tablet is primarily for note-taking in meetings and working from the hammock in my back yard. It really is meant to be used only when I am not sitting at one of my other computers at one of my desks.

I placed my order on April 3rd. At the time I placed the order, they quoted me an April 14 ship date. It did, in fact, ship on that very day from Osaka Japan. It arrived via UPS on Monday, the 18th (yesterday).

I haven't had too much time to play yet, but hopefully I will do this weekend. Thanks again. I hope that helps someone else considering the Fujitsu tablet.

Posted at 04/19/2005 20:45:00 by Kim Snider

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