Batman would love it: what the phone has become

Saturday, September 1st, 2007
Marc Orchant and I wrap up our three-part tour of his gadget bag as Marc gives Michael Sampson and me a hands-on demo of his current Nokia N-Series handheld multimedia computer.


Nokia N-Series Highlights:

Carl Zeiss lenses
Stereo mic
Stereo speakers
Stereo audio & video recording
Slider phone with T9 pad & buttons on device face
GSM phone
Media Player

Symbian phone
GSM: One more step to disconnecting from the carrier.
Tour of the camera features
Tour of the media player features
Tour of PIM and Social Networking apps

For Marc, this is primarily a reference device.

I ask Marc, "what's next?"

Marc's quite satisfied with his mobile device arsenal, but he's lusting after the new PowerBooks with LED Backlight and Santa Rosa processor.

[Well, that was two months ago; I plan to corner Marc again next week at the Office 2.0 conference and find out whether he added anything to his mobile Office 2.0 gadget bag.]

The first two podcasts in this series:
Part 1
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Podcast: 11 Minutes

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