A discussion of networks:

Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps of Netage.

A brief history of organizations:
- Small groups
- Hierarchy
- Bureaucracy
- Networks

We can't solve 21st-century problems with 19th-century organizations.

What is a network?
The network is US
- Social relationships, nodes links for common purposes, organizations, teams, coalitions, virtual teams of two.

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The Network as a knowledge management tool. (Look into IBM JAM)

For teams, networking required new principles, behaviors, and tools.

[Be sure to find the slides on-line]

Principles of how to network are agnostic to the platforms and technologies.

The speakers are saying that asynchronous & persistent collaboration is the real NEW of Enterprise 2.0. (Oh, really? Notes did that two decades ago.)

Decide to network  (Find this, by Robert Muller)

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