Cool, Jim likes my blog

Monday, April 11th, 2005
Jim Lindenthal has just launched his own blog, The Lindy Journal Blog. Apparently, I'm partly responsible:

I am an avid reader of Eric Mack's blog because of the new and interesting technologies that he talks about. One of these technologies is Skype VOIP Phone service. Well, I tried calling Eric on Saturday night using Skype and actually hesitated when connecting with him. Eric saw me try to connect and called me back. (Eric, I think I fixed the volume control). It was very exciting for me to finally speak with Eric. Well after a very enjoyable conversation, Eric emailed me a really good article on setting up an RSS feed. This article motivated me to setup these blog's over the week-end. Thanks a lot Eric for helping me ...

Glad I could be an encouragement, Jim, and congratulations on the new blog!

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