David Marshak gets a camera upgrade

Monday, June 18th, 2007
To assist with the real-time demonstration of SameTime 7.5 at the conference, David Marshak got a camera upgrade today...


Michael, one of the participants pointed out that the benefit of not having the camera integrated in to the PC is that it is easier to upgrade the PC without changing the camera. He said that if you are migrating from PowerBook to PC, you can keep your camera. Easy migration: Unplug camera, toss PowerBook, plug in PC. Simple.  

I don't agree. Why PC vendors have not integrated cameras into their laptops is beyond me. This is a mess. Just look at David's laptop.


And - he has a long USB cable he has to deal with.

So much for hardware integration.

Apple wins this one.

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David Marshak gets a camera upgrade

Huh, don't Lenovo also do laptops with cameras?

Posted at 06/19/2007 5:28:20 by Robin Capper

I let camera envy get the best of me

I just had breakfast with a gentleman who had just purchased the new Dell M1210 laptop with a built-in camera. I'm also reminded that Sony Vaio has/had a camera, too. And, I recall that IBM once had an $9500 laptop with a camera - I don't think it came to market, though. Given that the electronics for a camera are in the sub-$20 range, I think this capability should be standard fare on all laptops/tablets - as Apple has done. What do you think?

Posted at 06/19/2007 16:57:49 by Eric Mack

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