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Monday, April 18th, 2005
There's a lot going on over at The David Allen Company. In case you read David's blog by RSS only, David's blog has a new look. Greg Fisk and Jim Rider have been busy with the design, while Robert and Chirill have been busy integrating David's new blog site into the overall DavidCo corporate web site architecture.

No, David's not moving away from Lotus Notes - it's still our core in-house productivity application and we use it for almost everything behind the scenes, including email, calendar, project tracking and shared discussion and document databases, to name a few. I will continue to manage internal technologies and various productivity initiatives.  We're just changing the way that the web side of things are handled. David's blog will now be fully managed by the web team, headed up by Robert, Greg, and Chirill.

David's been kind enough to refer to me as his personal productivity tech guru - a moniker I'm proud to wear. I really enjoy serving David and the entire DavidCo team in this capacity.

Here's the link to David's new blog:
And here's the link to David's new RSS feed:

I'd like to publicly thank Steve Castledine and Tanny O'Haley for their help with David's blog - especially with the unexpected excitement in the beginning.

Steve's DominoBlog template for Notes/Domino was a pivotal tool in getting David up in the blogosphere.

As for me, and my blog, we will continue to be served by ... DominoBlog.

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David´s new blog ...

Thanks for introducing David to the blogosphere.

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