Delivering Information for Action

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
This week, I'll be attending the NASA/JPL International Workshop on Managing Knowledge for Space Missions at The California Institute of Technology. I'm sitting in the main auditorium, wondering what great minds have met in this room. As a young student of computer science, I often thought about attending CalTech when I was younger so it's fun to finally be here. It's inspiring.

NASA Conference on Knowledge Management for Space Missions

The conference theme is Delivering Information for Action, which addresses two of the three areas I focus on at ICA, Information, Communication, and Action.  For this conference, I'll be participating with a different set of lenses - I'll be watching and listening to hear what concepts can be applied to my current area of interest: Personal Knowledge Management. This is an academic conference with a number of papers and topics being presented. Time permitting, I'll summarize the sessions I attend.

I'd like to extend my gratitude to Jeanne Holm, the Chief Knowledge Architect at the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for her efforts in organizing this conference and for allowing me to attend.

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Delivering Information for Action

Very cool! Hey - I'll be at NASA/Kennedy Space Center next week to put on three workshops (they've asked me back; I put my first one on in May). Bonus: I'm bringing my family, staying in a condo on the ocean, and there's a Shuttle launch scheduled while we're there...

Congratulations, Eric.

Posted at 08/01/2007 5:22:05 by Matthew Cornell

re: Delivering Information for Action

That's so cool, Matthew! Many years ago, the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB was a client. I got to see several shuttle landings up close as well as some test missions. I even got to go to the hangar where they parked Endeavor. (Unfortunately, it was out, all 3 times.) I hope the shuttle takes off while you are there. I'll bet it's spectular to see in person! Get in touch with me on your return. I'd like to hear more about your workshops. - Eric

Posted at 08/02/2007 0:38:00 by Eric Mack

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