Eternal Twinkies?

Friday, August 2nd, 2002
It may be possible to extend your life by eating Twinkies.

In my conference room, I have a display case with various computer parts from computers I have worked on. (All are now antiques)  10 years ago, a friend brought me a package of Twinkies and 2 cans of Jolt Cola to display in my "museum."  

Eric's Computer Museum Display Case
Recently, I decided to drill holes in the Jolt cans to drain them. I noticed that the cans were now bulging out and I was afraid that they might explode.
Oh, the Twinkies - they are still there on the bottom shelf, sealed in their wrapper. Other than being hard, they look the same as they did when I put them in the case 10 years ago! I wonder what preserves them so well?

Twinkies on display in Eric's Computer Museum, since 1992

It must be the plastic filling.

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Wheres the Ipod meat?

You need to complete the collection.

Posted at 01/04/2006 1:04:13 by mike


who made the COmputers?

Posted at 08/13/2007 19:19:05 by Bridget Ann B.Lai

Eternal Twinkies?

It's either Bibleman, or the hydrogenated oil that preserves them so well.

Posted at 02/24/2009 8:59:40 by twink of doom

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