How I embed polls in my blog with WidgetBox

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

A few days ago, Patrick Kwinten, asked for help on his blog. He wanted to find a polling/survey application that he could use with Notes & Domino to embed a real-time poll into his blog. One person responded with a mention of a free voting xPage custom control available on OpenNTF.

Today, I had a similar need for a quick poll that I wanted to post on my Notes on Productivity blog. I took a look at the OpenNTF Voting custom control and liked what I saw. Unfortunately, I did not have the expertise to integrate it into my blog so I turned to Google for help. What I found was WidgetBox. Using WigetBox, I was able to quickly define my polls and embed them into my DominoBlog site using HTML. Once I had everything working I paid the $3.99 to sign up for the monthly service, which allowed me to disable the annoying ads and download links. It works.


I would really prefer to find a Notes/Domino solution to manage my web polls and surveys - I don't like having data floating on (and dependent upon) third party sites. Also, I really like being able to manage everything in Notes. But, WidgetBox did the job.

I'll keep looking for a Notes/Domino solution that I can use to create polls/surveys and embed them into my blog. Meanwhile, here's a link to my first on-line poll created with WidgetBox.

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How I embed polls in my blog with WidgetBox

Thanks for the tip, this is good to know.



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