I've been on an Internet Vacation (more on that later today) and I'm just returning to my network life.
ManwLaptopInMountains.jpgNo TV. No Internet (well almost no Internet). A cabin in the woods, and lots of snow.

It's been a wonderful three-month break and an extremely productive period of time.

However, it's now time for me to crank up the old blogging machine and join in the conversation.

It's good to be back. I hope you'll drop by and say hello.

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I’m baaaack; I’ve been busy getting [many] things done

Welcome back. Thank you for providing an excellent example for the rest of us, about how to REALLY get things done!

Posted at 04/09/2008 9:02:10 by TonyP

re: I’m baaaack; I’ve been busy getting [many] things done

Thanks, Tony, it's good to be back on-line, but with moderation. I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts. I plan to clear my RSS feed and start over - just to see what's really important to me... Your's is on the list of keepers.

Posted at 04/09/2008 9:37:47 by Eric Mack

I’m baaaack; I’ve been busy getting [many] things done

welcome back eric. interesting experiment - thanks for sharing it with us - which i'd forgotten you'd embarked on. but it did occur to me earlier this week we hadn't heard from you in awhile! gavin

Posted at 04/11/2008 0:11:20 by Gavin Knight

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