Information work is everywhere

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
500 years ago, most all work was task work. Now, move forward 500 years.  
Information work has come to dominate our work.

Dennis Moore, General Manager, Emerging Solutions, SAP is the next speaker:

Web 2.0 technologies are penetrating the enterprise
Blogs 45%
RSS 43%
Wikis %35
(Source IDC, 2/2007)

Changing nature of work - more knowledge  based

Increased consumerization of IT
People at home often have better IT than at work. 200MB limit on email at work? I have terabytes of storage on my home server.

People  bring their expectations from home to work. This changes what is expected of IT

Remember PCs? They were not sanctioned. People brought them into the enterprise on their own. Web 2.0 is the same.
Is this a problem? People are bringing these expectations from home.

Composite applications, mashups, etc. - transforming the enterprise.

Enable emergent processes - participation with security and compliance. Portals, Collaborative tools, etc.

Build on the
Wisdom of my colleagues
(the crowds)
Leverage collective intelligence
Enhance work patterns
Improve self sufficiency

SDN Example 1 week to respond to Q via traditional network. 31 min to get an answer on SDN.

Lunch time!!!

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