Is it legal to scan and read your own books on your Tablet PC?
It's easy to do, but is it legal?
A reader recently posted this question on my blog. I've been researching the answer (it's not an easy or clear one) and I'd like to get a discussion going on this topic.
(If you have an opinion, feel free to comment.)

There are a number of other topics that I plan to post updates on, including:

Status report on my 8-week paperless challenge
It's going extremely well; must better than I anticipated!

Michael's second visit and our jousting experience
Michael did not fall off the horse.

MindManager as a dashboard in Notes
Excellent progress in this area; I hope to share details, soon. A big productivity boost.

My switch from the eProductivity Template back to vanilla Lotus Notes as a tool for getting things done.  
It was a big step backward for me, but a good learning experience.
I'll be switching back to the eProductivity Template shortly.

And, finally, a popular question on this blog:
"How loud is the fan noise on your Tecra M4?"
I'll post a 3-minute podcast so you can hear for yourself

And the big question of the year, "Will Eric ever become YABHTU?"
I'm much closer. Let's just say I'm YAVHTU for now. (podcast coming) This will take a few posts to explain.

I hope you'll join me in these discussions. If you haven't done so already,  be sure to sign up for the RSS feed so that you don't miss the discussion.

Did I miss anything? If there's a topic you'd like me to discuss , post a comment.

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Interesting discussions and updates on the horizon

It's almost certainly legal, so long as it is for personal use and convenience (including time-shifting, media-shifting) and preservation purposes. It just can't be for for commercial use. You can't do it for someone else with your copy, and you probably can't do it for a fee even for someone who owns their own copy -- which kills an idea I had for setting up a chain of mall kiosks that converts LPs to MP3s.

Posted at 12/23/2005 12:44:08 by Richard Schwartz

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