IT Manager 2.0

Monday, June 18th, 2007
Michael is leading the first workshop of the day. the topic is IT Manager 2.0 and we'll look at 5 areas that impact senior IT Managers:
  • New tools
  • Shift from vendors to utilities
  • Security
  • Alignment
  • Focus and Intent

A key issue that I see is whether IT will be seen in the coming days as the business enabler or business prevention department.

This is my third post from the tablet in notes. Going slowly, but improving. Biggest challenge is that Notes is not Ink-enabled.

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IT Manager 2.0

Also looks like you need to "enunciate" the letter "n" more clearly for the tablet :-).

Posted at 06/18/2007 8:53:32 by Kevin Pettitt

I think Michael did an outstanding job at dealing with a complex (and changing) subject. Nice use of a Table PC and a Mac in the presentation, too.

Posted at 06/18/2007 21:11:19 by Eric Mack

re: IT Manager 2.0

Fixed, thanks.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:37:24 by Eric Mack

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