It’s great to be home again

Monday, July 30th, 2007
This has been a busy summer.  After 26 days on the road in July, with very few breaks in between, it feels great to be home at last. I'm even more thankful than before that I get to work from home most of the time. My month began in Ojai with The David Allen Company staff meeting, followed by a week at the NASA Conference on Knowledge Management, back to Ojai to work with David's team again, and then to Long Beach to work with my colleague and Personal KM expert, Steve Barth on our upcoming presentation for KM World. Yes, it's true, I celebrated my birthday with Steve. The folks at The Brain sent me an interesting birthday card in a mind map and Michael smelled cake. Fortunately, I was able to link up with my family at church between locations. My wife kept me going with calls and quick meetings to exchange suitcases. (Thanks, Kathy!) Fortunately, Kathy and the girls were able to join me in Pasadena for the NASA KM Conference and the JPL Tour.

I have no plans to repeat a month like this one anytime soon -- I don't know how road warriors like David Allen or Jason Womack do it. It's certainly not a lifestyle I would want for myself. I'm glad it's over. I have some travel coming up, but no marathons for a while.

I tried to blog the NASA KM conference and managed to get 30 posts. [Click on "Knowledge Management" to see all posts for that category.] I still have about 20 draft posts from the other events during the month along with several podcasts, including Jason Womack, Marc Orchant and Kelly Forrister. (Marc and Kelly celebrated July Birthdays with me, as did Bruce.). I even have a few podcasts and posts from my Boston trip to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. [Click on "Enterprise 2.0" to see all posts for that category.] I'll try to review these and post them in the coming week. So, if it seemed like my blogging was sporadic or that I dropped discussions mid-stream (e.g. a discussion about GTD 2.0), I did.

I look forward to rejoining in the conversation.

It's great to be home again.

PS. Hat tip for fellow productivity blogger, Dwayne Melancon, for his excellent post on the Eagle Creek Pack-it folders. All of my shirts survived, almost wrinkle free.

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It’s great to be home again

Welcome home, Sweetie!

Posted at 07/31/2007 7:57:08 by Kathy Mack

And me, I’m on the road again!


It was wonderful spending time with you up at our house over a home-cooked meal. I know "on the road," it's those meals around the dinner table at home with family and friends I miss the most.

Welcome home, hope you have a nice few days there! And, I'm looking forward to listening to that podast! :)

Posted at 07/31/2007 21:22:04 by Jason

Jason, I’ll post my interview with you, soon.

Thanks, Jason, I'm getting ready to post my podcast with Kelly on the X61 Tablet, Then, I'll post my interview with you. Thank you to you and Jodi for a delightful evening.

Posted at 08/02/2007 0:37:00 by Eric Mack

It’s great to be home again

Wow - that's a lot of traveling! Good company, though.

Posted at 08/19/2007 4:09:42 by Matthew Cornell

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