Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Thursday, June 14th, 2007
Last week, Lenovo called me and offered to send me one of their new, soon-to-be-released X61 Tablet PC's. Of course, I did the noble thing and accepted their offer. I sent them my wish list for my dream Tablet and two days later DHL showed up with a new X61 Tablet, configured exactly as I has desired. (Thanks, Lenovo!)

I'm getting ready to head to Boston next week, for the Enterprise 2.0 conference. I'll be attending, with my long-time friend and colleague, Michael Sampson, who you may remember recently returned to the Tablet PC platform himself. You may have read that it's been a while since I used the Tablet PC for my eProductivity work. My experience with my previous tablet, the Toshiba Tecra M4, left something to be desired from the Tablet PC experience I had hoped for.  [If you would like to catch up on my past Tablet PC blog entries, there are over one hundred of them, here. If you want to read about some of my less productive experiences with the M4 Tablet, see here.]

So, thanks to Lenovo, I begin the journey again. I had actually just purchased a brand new ThinkPad T60p and was in the process of migrating to it when Lenovo contacted me. So, I decided to hold off and mirror the migration onto both the T60p wide-screen ThinkPad (and awesome machine in its own right) and to the new X61 Tablet at the same time. It took two days to move 100 GB of apps and data onto the new machine. I opted to reinstall the apps in my eProductivity toolkit from scratch rather than use Lenovo's migration assistant. I wanted the best experience possible. I should also point out that this new Tablet comes with Vista Ultimate, so I will not only be jumping back into Tablet PC arena but also into the new Vista OS.

At 9:30 AM this morning, I'll shut off the T60p and put it on the shelf and use the X61 as my sole computing machine, for better or worse. I plan to blog and podcast the experience so that I'll have a record and so that I can share what I'm learning with those of my readers that wish to follow along. if you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments and I'll do my best to answer.

You may recall that two years ago at this time, I had just purchased my Tecra M4 and Michael and I attended the Enterprise 2.0 conference (previously known as the Collaborative Technologies Conference). Michael had also purchased an M4 and we shared the experience of using these new tablet PCs. We even blogged about using OneNote shared sessions at 30,000'.  This year, Michael has the X60 and I have the X61. We'll blog and podcast about the experience.

Well, it's 9:22 AM, time for me to replicate Notes from this T60p and power it off. My next post will be from the X61.


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Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

I'll be following with great interest! Being used to 'large' screens myself, too, (well, not yet your dimensions) I'm always wondering how useable Notes and MM would be on a smaller machines...

Posted at 06/14/2007 9:57:11 by Michael

Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

How's the X61?

Posted at 06/14/2007 16:49:43 by tim

re: Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Worked well. Most of the day was spent getting acclimated to Vista and the reinstall of my apps, so not too much Tablet use yet. What I did use, worked well. I'll post an update tomorrow.

Posted at 06/14/2007 23:28:32 by Eric Mack

Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Eric, did you end up getting the SuperView SXGA? Interested in knowing outside viewability... goal: watch kids play in park, work on resonably high_er_ res monitor. Been torn between MultiView XGA and SXGA for a long time now...

Posted at 06/15/2007 0:25:22 by tim

Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Did you get WWAN and if so how is it working ... speed, reliability, and performance with X61

Posted at 06/19/2007 9:57:31 by Robert Winter

re: Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

No, I did not get the WWAN. Instead, I chose the hires screen and the 1 gig cache chip.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:15:22 by Eric Mack

re: Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Tim, I got the SXGA screen. I've not done extensive testing outdoors, but it's working great, indoors at the conference. I hope it will work outside, but I don;t have high expectations.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:41:32 by Eric Mack

re: Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Notes works fine. MindMangager works great, too, however thier new ribbon toolbar takes up [wastes] much screen real-estate.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:43:33 by Eric Mack

Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Do you have the "Superview" SXGA+ screen? If so, have you tested it outdoors?

Posted at 06/24/2007 21:57:20 by Robert Rapp

re: Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Robert, I believe have the superview screen. It's 1400x1050. I'll have to take it outside to see how it works.

Posted at 06/26/2007 8:59:34 by Eric Mack

re: Lenovo X61 adventure begins: Day One

Robert, I took the Lenovo X61 Tablet PC in the car with me when we drove to Disneyland yesterday. It worked great. I took some pictures, which I will post soon. The screen worked well.

Posted at 06/27/2007 11:09:55 by Eric Mack

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