Making It All Work, by David Allen

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
I just received an advanced review copy of David Allen's sure to be best-selling book, Making It All Work.
Making It All Work, the third book by GTD Creator, David Allen
This book provides a road map to help you figure out where you are in life and how to get where you want to be going.  The keys to this are Control and Perspective. Control means taking charge of your everyday commitments, while Perspective confidently knowing where to place these commitments on the horizons of your goals and aspirations. From the book jacket description, it sounds a lot like material from David's Managing Vision seminar, which I have always found helpful and inspiring. I look forward to reading it.

If you can't wait  for my thoughts, check out Thomas Duff' blog. He's probably finished reading his copy already and may have even posted a summary by the time you read this post. Either way, I'm sure we are in for a treat.

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Making It All Work, by David Allen

Very interested to hear your take. GTD was so amazing I am wondering what can be next!

Troy Malone


Posted at 12/17/2008 11:12:21 AM by Troy Malone

Making It All Work, by David Allen

I attended the MIAW talk and videotaping at UCLA. David was totally on his game. There was a short-lived technical issue (fixed relatively quickly) that would have totally thrown many presenters off stride, but David kept the show rolling with great calm and no interruption. Darn he is good live! and has an amazing support staff.

Posted at 12/21/2008 9:58:15 PM by Patrick

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