Mobile Productivity at the Office 2.0 Conference

Saturday, September 1st, 2007
Office20Logo.gifPersonal Knowledge Management expert, Steve Barth  and I have been invited to speak at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, September 6-7, 2007. We're on the Knowledge Worker Mobility and Productivity track. I'm delighted to see that also in this track are fellow productivity blogging buddies and GTD geeks, Marc Orchant and Buzz Bruggeman. Marc will be on a panel discussing GTD and Office 2.0, while Buzz will talk about Actionable ideas.

With BETA 1A now out, I'm now free to focus on the conference. Today. I'm reviewing some of my recent articles and presentations along with some podcasts from the archives of the digital sandbox. Soon, I'll toss those ideas onto a mind map and start playing with them to see what I want to talk about. The challenge for me is never deciding what to say, it's deciding what not to say. Mark Twain once said something to the effect of "...ask me to speak for a day, I'll need an hour to prepare; ask me to speak for an hour and I'll need two weeks." I feel like that.

iphone.gifThis promises to be an exciting conference, not only because of an excellent selection of topics and speakers but also because all attendees will receive a free iPhone as part of the iPhone Experiment.  Mine arrived Friday; at last, I can now sing the song.

As far as I know, the conference is sold out, but I'll try to live-blog some of the sessions on the productivity and mobility track.  I'll tag these posts in the Office 2.0 section of this blog so that you can find them easily. Meanwhile, here's the full conference agenda. Let me know if there's something of interest and I'll keep my eyes and ears open for it.  

I'm thinking of organizing a get-together of fellow GTD geeks, possibly on Wednesday. If you plan to attend the conference or will be in San Francisco, drop me a line.

More details about our upcoming session will follow; here's our working Mobile Productivity session proposal.  Our original them was to talk about the Koans of Mobile Productivity. We'll do some of that and more. We're also going to invite folks to share what they have in their gadget bag.  Oh, that reminds me, I still have a great podcast I recorded with Marc Orchant on just that topic. I'll go find it, edit it., and post it this evening... Back later...

Office 2.0 Conference Press Release

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Mobile Productivity at the Office 2.0 Conference

An iPhone for each attendees is great.

However, one participant needs more!

I would therefore be very tempted to urge Apple to go one step further and do the honorable thing and put him out of his misery.

Apple: Give this man a Mac and let's get the iMac(k) experiment started

Posted at 09/01/2007 23:58:00 by Pascal Venier

One step at a time, Pascal, one step at a time...

I almost bought a Mac recently after getting tired of seeing my 30" Dell collecting dust. As it so happens, however, the latest Microsoft update patched my video driver and suddenly the monitor spring to life. So, I'm still just a step away... Actually, I was talking with Michael last week (when he called to ask me to give him my iPhone) and I told him that would probably get one to test the Mac features of my eProductivity solution for Lotus Notes. I pointed out, however, that once I got a Mac he would have nothing left to tease me about. We decided that I should hold off on the Mac purchase a while longer.

Posted at 09/02/2007 0:22:16 by Eric Mack

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