Our homeschool robotics team participated in a local FLL competition in Hermosa Beach. The team received the highest scores for robot performance, research, and the technical presentation, earning them the Robot Performance Award and the Championship Award.

The LEGO Mountaineers earn the FLL Championship and Robot Performance Awards at Hermosa Beach, CA

This is the first stop in a journey the kids hope will take them to Washington D.C. to meet the president. Next stop is in the Santa Clarita Regional FLL event where the team must qualify to attend the L.A. State Competition. If they win that, then can continue to the national competition. Last year, President Bush invited the winning teams from the national event to an award reception at the White House. The team is hoping he will do that again and that they will be invited to attend.

The Mountaineers present their research and rechnical presentatons in front of the FLL judges  Wendy prepares the robot to complete the assigned missions while judges and spectators observe

I'm very proud of the team and I think they have a very good chance at winning and achieving their goal.

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Mountaineers win FLL Championship award at Hermosa Beach

Please pass on my congratulations. This is awesome!


Posted at 11/12/2007 19:55:03 by Michael Sampson

Mountaineers win FLL Championship award at Hermosa Beach

Very good job. I'm in the first lego league also and we are building an NXT 2.0 robot. I need some suggestions on what we should add to the robot. Plz e-mail me ideas at Elias.Roos@hotmail.com

Posted at 10/14/2009 19:47:17 by Elias Roos

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