I'm sitting in the Unified Communications session, moderated by Melanie Turek, which deals with making unified communications work in the enterprise.


Michael Sampson and I spoke on Unified Messaging, a key part of Unified Communications, ten years ago at 1997 EMA conference in Philadelphia. (In fact, that's how we met.) It's interesting to see how far this technology has come, and yet how far it needs to go to deliver on the promise of anytime anywhere collaboration.

Many knowledge workers have been using collaborative technology for years, but now it's even more essential to the work process than it once was. As a result, senior IT professionals and CXOs need to become more knowledgeable in these technologies and how they affect the people that use them in the business. The people are the business.

This brings to mind a key question: "Why is collaboration suddenly important?" Many reasons have been offered but certainly a key theme I hear is the contribution to productivity, innovation and competitive advantage that these tools can offer.

More to say on this, but I'll need to switch to laptop mode as my note-taking can't keep up with the speakers.  I see the panelists are getting set up and David Marshak is getting setup with his camera upgrade (Think Mac commercial) so I look forward to what should be a great presentation and demonstration.

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