StackOfPapersSmall.jpg I often tell my clients, "I don't believe we will ever see the truly paperless office but I do believe that we can create a less-paper office." I'd like to share with you one way that I recently helped do this for a very special client - my wife, Kathy.

I recently decided to move all of our personal and business accounting operations to my accounting firm. Having the accounting firm handle all of the QuickBooks accounting including bank reconciliations, billing and writing checks for us is great but it exposes another problem - how to quickly move lots paper securely between us and the accounting firm. Over on my Notes on Productivity blog, I've posted a short video clip and screen shots of my paperless filing system in Lotus Notes.

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Paperless Filing System in Lotus Notes in 5 Easy Steps

Great post, I too am on a campaign to reduce less paper. I myself hardly use any at all being lucky enough to have a 3 screen desktop and a separate Tablet Slate that I can grab and take with me anywhere. I also have a scanner on my desk to get paper that comes to me in digital form as quickly as possible. I don't use Notes though as I just love the UI of Paperport Pro and have ever since I first used it probably over 10 years ago!

My company is into unification of print/pdf/scan and copy in a big way and I am driving them in the direction of paper reduction as well. But for me that means desktop scannning and multiple screens.

Posted at 05/25/2007 1:11:51 by Steve Richards

Paperless Filing System in Lotus Notes in 5 Easy Steps


I am looking for an electronic filing system. Our company already uses Lotus notes for our email management.

Can you help?

Posted at 04/22/2008 15:27:17 by Harold D. Malmberg

Paperless Filing System in Lotus Notes in 5 Easy Steps


Please send me information about your paperless filing system.

Posted at 04/23/2008 4:45:14 by Harold D. Malmberg

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