PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Thursday, May 31st, 2007
If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know I like to use information visualization tools. In addition to MindManager, I've used Personal Brain as a tool for visualizing information connections off and on for a year now.


Last year I met Hugh Harlan, creator of The Brain software at KM World and he gave me a preview of the things to come in Personal Brain 4.0.
Since then, I've followed the development of PB 4.0 and made my case for why they should include Notes Doclink support. Harlan's been keen on the idea and told me that good things were around the corner. Knowling Harlan, I'm sure he won't fail to wow us with his next creation.

The first step is the introduction of PersonalBrain 4.0 visualization and information organization software.

You can learn more on June 5 during a free preview webinar.

Details and sign-up information here.

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PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Hi Eric,

Tried the version 4 out this week. (used eariler versions a long time ago.)

Seems very little different to V4 I tried on the surface. One thing I have been struggling with is that the floating tip does not appear ? is this just me or is this a tablet/V4 thing ?

Posted at 06/16/2007 23:49:32 by Ian

re: PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Hi Ian, I've seen that. I'll be meeting with Harlan again, soon. and I'll bring this up. Eric.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:38:41 by Eric Mack

re: re: PersonalBrain 4.0 - New Features

Ian, Shelly Hayduk, sent me this , in response to your question...

Hi Ian,

Eric sent me a note about your questions but I didn’t understand what you were asking. Sorry!!

In terms of new PersonalBrain 4 features that were not in version 3.03 go to:

There are over 60 new features, if you would like the full list just let me know.

You can download a free trial and free version at

If you have any additional questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Best regards,


- I plan to meet with Shelly and Harlan soon and will see what I can learn. - Eric

Posted at 06/19/2007 19:44:04 by Eric Mack

PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

The trial link is dead and redirects to their home page.

Posted at 06/28/2007 20:06:33 by Michael Harrison

re: PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Michael, Thanks for pointing that out. I just spoke with Harlan. TheBrain just redid their site and this link was broken. Harlan has now enabled it again; it now goes to the page all about the new version.

Posted at 06/28/2007 20:35:22 by Eric Mack

PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Anyone know if there's an add-on to enable Tablet PC TIP Support?

I do just about everything on my tablet and PB uses custom edit boxes which kill native TIP support. PB's a no-go for me without that feature.

Posted at 06/30/2007 10:51:24 by Michael Harrison

re: PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Michael, as you know, I'm a Tablet PC user, too. I spoke with harlan about the need for TIP support on Thursday and he was able to prototype something. The challenge, as I understand it, is that the JAVA framework does not play well with the TIP. Still, Harlan assured me that he's got a few ideas. I'll try to facilitate a conversation with some developers at Microsoft, too, just to see if we can get this working. Ink support for The Brain is something many folks would like to see.

Posted at 06/30/2007 11:27:19 by Eric Mack

PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Just found your site. Do you still use the Treo and GTD.

CAN P-B 4 be of help to orgenize all the Books and workshop I am doing? and Assessing Personality Profile ?

( I am also in the PsychologicalDiagnostic Testing)


Posted at 07/10/2007 5:36:55 by Robert

PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Are new developments for this product taking into account the limitations presented in the newly released Apple iPhone? Would be great to see it working in this type of mobile computing environmet.

Posted at 07/24/2007 8:14:07 by arliss

re: PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Arliss, as a matter of fact, I just spoke to Harlan about the iPhone as a platform for Personal Brain, yesterday. He said that they are exploring it and that I can expect to hear good things in the future....

Posted at 07/24/2007 8:28:57 by Eric Mack

PersonalBrain 4.0 - whole-mind mapping

Can you gently encourage PB on the iPhone coupled with EverNote integration

Posted at 01/13/2010 20:21:10 by Adrius42

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