Picture challenge for Mr. Womack

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
Dear Mr. Womack, We really enjoy your picture challenges. We have one for you.

Recently, we were on vacation and were able to view a small part of a race.  What kind of race was it, what was it called, and what city were we in?  Here are your clues: wheels, ocean, man powered, helmets, hundreds of participants, cow bells.

Here's a picture to help you. We took this from our hotel room.
20060226 - Bike race for Mr. Womack.jpg

Here's a picture of us doing our homeschool lessons at the hotel.
20060226 - Homeschool at hotel.jpg

Good luck,
Amy and Wendy

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Picture challenge for Mr. Womack

Well Girls,

This is a good one! I've been searching for a bit. I believe you're on the coast, in Los Angeles County. I'm having trouble, though, identifying if this is a triathlon, or a road race.

From the looks of it, I see a few racers too close together for a triathlon. In a tri, we are not allowed to "draft" off of the riders ahead of us.

The cow bells are loud, and when I hear them, I always think of the riders of the Tour d' France as they pass by the farms and wineries of the French countryside.

As for what race this is, I am coming up blank! Let me do a little more cyber-searching (unless of course you want to leave one more bread-crumb as a way to help me!).


Posted at 03/17/2006 17:47:46 by Jason Womack

Picture challenge for Mr. Womack

Mr. Womack,

We'll give you a clue. The race occured last month and was only a bike race.

Amy and Wendy

(P.S. You're getting warm!)

Posted at 03/17/2006 18:48:12 by Amy & Wendy Mack

I think I know, I think I know...


I believe you are in Redondo Beach, viewing the last stage of the Amgen Tour of California. Is this it?

{ Link }

I don't know if I told you, but I was in Ojai to watch them do a sprint and hill portion of the multi-day, multi-stage ride.

It was fun, my friends in Ojai - the week before the race - asked: "Jason, are you racing in the tour?" Little did they know, those were the PROS!

Posted at 03/20/2006 18:13:32 by Jason Womack

Picture challenge for Mr. Womack

Great Job! You're 100% correct! Thanks for answering, and thank you for giving us some fun facts about races.


Posted at 04/04/2006 17:46:01 by Amy Mack

Picture challenge for Mr. Womack

Congratulations Mr. Womack. You got it right. We had a lot of fun watching the end of the race. Thanks for responding.


Posted at 04/04/2006 19:17:05 by Wendy

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