Podcasts breaking RSS?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
A few people have reported that my DominoBlog RSS feed may be broken. This may have something to do with the podcast enclosures. I'd like to hear from anyone that is using a podcatcher to retrieve my podcasts.  Meanwhile, I'll remove the enclosures and see what happens. I've also pinged Steve over at ProjectDX to see if he can help me fix the issue. Thanks for your feedback.

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Podcasts breaking RSS?

Eric, I had to wait until I got home from work but I did add your feed to two podcatchers: Doppler and PPR. The feed did not work in either. I also ran your feed through the Feed Debugger that Dave Winer set up and it failed; no extra info was provided.

Posted at 05/25/2005 15:15:45 by Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks, Kevin. I've asked Steve to look into this.

Posted at 05/25/2005 15:41:55 by Eric Mack

Podcasts breaking RSS?

I've been using your feed with Bloglines and other than telling me that there is one more entry than there is, it's been working fine.

Posted at 05/25/2005 18:30:57 by Tanny O'Haley

RSS Podcast Fixed

Tanny informed me that my [mis]use of ampersands in the file name invalidated the XML feed.

I've renamed the offending files.

I would appreciate it if some of you would check your RSS readers and Podcatchers and give me an update.

Thank you.

Posted at 05/25/2005 18:50:23 by Eric Mack

Podcasts breaking RSS?

FeedDemon and FeedStation work fine again. Feed Validator still finds some warnings, ({ Link } but these are only secondary and should not do any harm...

Posted at 05/26/2005 15:02:44 by Joshua Jung

Podcasts breaking RSS?

You're up and running on my RSS reader (Onfolio) again as well...thanks!

Posted at 05/26/2005 17:34:54 by Kevin C. Tofel

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