Podcasts, interesting?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
I'm not quite sure how the recent podcasts happened. I never expected to do podcasts in this way: rough, unedited, no music, no script.  Yet, the podcast feedback I've received has been amazing. Kathy thinks it's funny. I expected my first podcasts to be much more dignified. In fact, I've been sitting on a few podcasts that I did with David Allen when he was here to play in my digital sand box. (We took a tour of the office and talked tech.) The reason that I've not yet posted them on the blog is that I was waiting for a new site launch or a more dignified opportunity. I have even created "dignified" podcasts in the queue. Now, I'll have to rethink this while podcast thing. But first, I need to get moved over to the new tablet, and before that I need to get back to some client work. More to come.

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Podcasts, interesting?

I think Kathy's sarcastic wit is robbing you of any chance of getting through these things with dignity, and it works great because of it ;)

I'm really enjoying them. Still chuckling at the electric wedgies. Thanks to both of you for taking the time out to do these.

Posted at 05/25/2005 12:51:02 by Michael Randall

Podcasts, interesting?

The sheer naturalness of the casts is what makes them so special.

I know it's been said before, but having the whole family involved is excellent.

Keep them coming :)

Posted at 05/25/2005 13:18:03 by Colin Walker

Podcasts, interesting?

I'd be interested in the technical side of your podcasts. What software are you using, how are you hosting them, etc.

Posted at 05/28/2005 20:09:38 by Jon Dale

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